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Mapping Australian arid land research

Ryan McAllister and others use the network mapping methods of Martin Rosvall and Carl T Bergstrom (see previous post) to analyze the research impact of Australian arid lands literature in the paper –  McAllister et al. 2009.  Research impact within the international arid literature: An Australian perspective based on network theory.  Journal of Arid Environments 73(9) 862-871 (doi:10.1016/j.jaridenv.2009.03.014).

The figure below show the different research subfields McAllister et al. identified within arid lands research and the citation links among them.

Figure 4. Linkages between 21 partitions of the Australian arid literature (based on GN-Mod – see Table 7). Location of authoritative-hub articles (from Table 3): “Animal ecology” contains (Buckley et al., 1987) and (Morton and James, 1988), and Stafford Smith and Morton (1990); “Plant ecology” contains (Ludwig and Tongway, 1995), (Mabbutt and Fanning, 1987), (Montaña, 1992) and (Tongway and Ludwig, 1990), and Tongway et al. (1989); and “Geospatial” contains Pech et al. (1986).

Mapping Science

A nice 2008 PNAS paper Maps of random walks on complex networks reveal community structure (PNAS 105, 1118) [pdf] by Martin Rosvall and Carl T Bergstrom creates  beautiful and informative visualizations of citation networks in science (from 2004 ISI data) using a neat method for visualizing and analyzing complex networks.  Martin Rosvall has a created a website that enables the creation of similar maps of network data.

Figure 3. In Rosvall and Bergstrom 2008. A map of science based on citation patterns. Analysis of 6,128 journals connected by 6,434,916 citations were clustered into 88 modules and 3,024 directed and weighted links.

Figure 4. A map of the social sciences. The journals listed in the 2004 social science edition of Journal Citation Reports (32) are a subset of those illustrated in Fig. 3, totaling 1,431 journals and 217,287 citations.

Expansion of social-ecological systems science

The concept of social-ecological systems has been gaining increased interested in science. Below is a graph showing papers whose topic includes social-ecological systems. During the 1990s there were a few publications and then a rapid rise during the 2000s.  Two influential books articulated social-ecological ideas:

Papers from ISI - social-ecological or social ecological and Systems

The top five journals are dominated by Ecology and Society:

  1. Ecology and Society (78)
  2. Global Environmental Change (13)
  3. Ecosystems (13)
  4. Proc. of National Academy of Science (USA) (10)
  5. Ecological Economics (8)

The most prolific authors are a group of people who are working to bridge the social and natural (with number of papers in brackets).  The top two authors, Carl and Fikret, were editors of the Linking and Navigating books.

  1. Carl Folke (26)
  2. Fikret Berkes (14)
  3. Steve Carpenter (14)
  4. Per Olsson (13)
  5. J. Marty Anderies (11)

The universities with the most publications are:

  1. Stockholm University (41) (where Carl Folke is located)
  2. Arizona State University (27) (where Marty Anderies and a number of SES researchers are)
  3. University of Wisconsin (19) (Steve Carpenter)
  4. University of Manitoba (18) (Fikret Berkes)
  5. Indiana University (14) (Elinor Ostrom and formerly Marco Janssen, both of whom have frequently published on social-ecological systems)

Journal rankings of environmental studies and science

The impact of journals over the short and the long term is often quite different.  ScienceWatch.com presents journal impact factors based on the longer term impact of journals in environmental science and environmental studies.

Below are rankings in environmental science for between 1998 and 2007, which only include journals cited over 10,000 times between 1998-2007.

Rank Journal Papers Citations Citations/
1 Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution & Systematics 131 15,293 116.74
2 Nature 395 41,042 103.9
3 Science 397 34,568 87.07
4 Trends in Ecology and Evolution 727 39,356 54.13
5 Ecological Monographs 309 11,310 36.6
6 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 491 17,088 34.8
7 Systematic Biology 416 12,194 29.31
8 Ecology 3,161 80,313 25.41
9 Ecology Letters 1,133 26,327 23.24
10 The American Naturalist 1,618 36,694 22.68
11 Conservation Biology 1,729 36,209 20.94
12 Environmental Health Perspectives 3,374 70,023 20.75
13 Molecular Ecology 3,345 69,275 20.71
14 Ecological Applications 1,711 34,899 20.4
15 Journal of Ecology 1,081 20,969 19.4
16 Global Change Biology 1,508 27,995 18.56
17 Journal of Applied Ecology 1,162 21,032 18.1
18 Oecologia 3,219 56,010 17.4
19 Ecosystems 705 12,199 17.3
20 Environmental Science & Technology 10,006 171,816 17.17

note: The data for the multidisciplinary journals listed – Science, Nature, and the Proceedings of the National Academy of the USA – take into account only those articles that have been classified by Thomson Reuters as ecology and environmental sciences papers.

And, using a slightly different system, journal rankings in Environmental Studies.  Note the contrast in short and longer term rankings.  It is unclear whether these are due to changes in the journal over time, or speed of citation.

Rank 2007 Impact Factor Impact 2003-07 Impact 1981-2007
1 Ann. Rev. Envir. Res.
Ann. Rev. Envir. Res.
J. Envir. Econ./Mgmt.
2 Global Envir. Change
Global Envir. Change
Environ. & Planning-D
3 Energy Policy
J. Envir. Econ./Mgmt.
Environment & Behavior
4 Environ. & Planning-D
J. Envir. Psychology
Land Economics
5 Regional Studies
Int. Region. Sci. Rev.
J. Leisure Research
6 Harvard Env. Law Rev.
Landscape Urban Plan.
J. Envir. Psychology
7 Environ. & Planning-A
Environ. & Planning-A
Global Envir. Change
8 Int. Region. Sci. Rev.
Res. & Energy Economics
Regional Studies
9 Landscape Urban Plan.
Land Economics
J. Regional Science
10 Energy Journal
Environ. & Planning-D
Environ. & Planning-A

Growth of ecosystem services concept

Research addressing ecosystem services is rapidly increasing.

Growth in number of papers on ecosystem services since 1990

Growth in number of papers on ecosystem services since 1990

The graph shows increases in the number of papers following publications of Daily’s Nature’s services in 1997 and the MA in 2005.

Note: the graph is based on searching ISI web of science using the terms ecological or ecosystem service(s). It includes many papers that mention ecosystem services, but don’t substantially address them.

The top five journals in which these papers are published (and the number of papers) are:


With more than 1 500 citations, the most cited paper on ecosystem services is the controversial 1997 Nature paper by Bob Costanza et al The value of the world’s ecosystem services and natural capital.

The most cited paper published between 2000-2004, with over 400 citations, was David Tilman et al’s 2001 Science paper Forecasting agriculturally driven global environmental change.

While the most cited paper published between 2005-2009, with more than 300 citations, was the controversial paper (but not for its ecosystem service part) was the Boris Worm et al Science paper Impacts of biodiversity loss on ocean ecosystem services.

Overall the people who have published the most papers related to ecosystem services are:

  1. Robert Costanza (30)
  2. Carl Folke (30)
  3. Claire Kremen (22)
  4. Gretchen Daily (20)
  5. Teja Tscharntke (20)