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Stockholm University looking for Professor of Environmental Social Science

For all our great social science colleagues, if you are interested in coming to Stockholm, the Faculty of Social Science at Stockholm University is looking for  a Professor in Environmental Social Science.   You can’t be appointed in Stockholm Resilience Centre, as we aren’t in the Faculty of Social Science but the social and natural scientists at the Stockholm Resilience Centre would be interested in collaborating with whoever gets the position.

The application deadline is 15 February 2012.

The job ad states:

The possible contribution of social science to the understanding of current processes of environmental change covers a wide range of issues. Which aspects of human action and of the human-built environment affect the climate? How do climate and environmental change influence the conditions for a well-functioning society? How are such changes reflected in, for example, the areas of health and economy? How do individuals and societies adapt, at various levels of organization and action, to climatic and environmental change? Which notions of continuity and change in the climate and environment are prevalent in different social contexts? Which are the processes of knowledge and value formation that create such notions? Can one identify tensions between different interpretations?

Job Description
The position entails conducting research and teaching, primarily at the graduate and postgraduate levels. It also entails working with the development and implementation of faculty wide research initiatives and educational partnerships within the area of environmental social science. Furthermore, the position includes networking within the faculty as well as nationally and internationally, in order to strengthen research on climate and environmental issues at the Faculty of Social Science.

The development of environmental social science requires open and non-normative research on all of these questions and presupposes that local as well as global aspects are covered.

The purpose of the announced position as professor is to stimulate the growth of the research area as a whole. Processes that can be related to the core issues of social science as well as to actual human impact on the environment and climate (or vice versa) should be in focus. The starting point should be a solid basis of theoretical and methodological traditions from social science.

Three new positions in ecosystem services research at McGill University

We’re looking to hire three new people to join our team working on the role of landscape structure and biodiversity in the provision of ecosystem services. The new positions include a postdoc to work on developing models of ecosystem services, a PhD position in historical ecosystem ecology,  and a (part time) project manager. We’re working in the Montérégie, a lovely agricultural landscape just southeast of Montreal.

For more about the project, check out our website: http://www.monteregieconnection.com/

Here’s more detail on each of the three positions:

Postdoctoral researcher

We are seeking an outstanding postdoctoral researcher to be a part of a dynamic multi-lab team that is mapping and modeling past, present, and future provision of biodiversity and ecosystem services in the agricultural landscape around Montréal. The primary research project would involve synthesizing historical and current geospatial data to evaluate how landscape configuration effects the provision of ecosystem services in this region. This analysis will inform the development a spatial model of the provision of ecosystem services under different land use/land cover configurations in the greater Montreal region.

A successful candidate will have a PhD in a related field (e.g., Geography, Ecology); experience with ecosystem modeling techniques, including GIS and computer programming; and be familiar with the literature on ecosystem services. The applicant should have a good publication record and a demonstrated ability to work independently and as part of a large team. Capacity to read and speak French is a plus.

The successful applicant would be primarily based in the lab of Dr. Elena Bennett at McGill’s Macdonald Campus, but would also be supervised by the co-PIs on the project, including Dr. Jeanine Rhemtulla (Geography), Dr. Andrew Gonzalez (Biology), and Dr. Martin Lechowicz (Biology). An office on McGill’s downtown campus will also be provided. Salary will be $35,000 per annum plus standard McGill benefits. We encourage applicants of all nationalities to apply.

Applicants should submit a CV, a statement detailing how their research interests align with the focus of the project, and the names and contact information for three references. Start date is targeted for January 2012. Please submit applications by September 1, 2011 to: Elena Bennett (elena dot bennett at mcgill dot ca)

PhD Student in Historical Ecosystem Ecology

We are seeking a PhD student interested in historical ecology, landscape ecology, and ecosystem services to be a part of a dynamic multi-lab team that is mapping and modeling past, present, and future provision of ecosystem services in the agricultural landscape around Montreal. The student’s project would involve examining historical records to estimate past provision of ecosystem services, interpretation of historical air photos and other maps, and modeling relationships between land use, spatial configuration, and ecosystem services through time. There is considerable room for a student to develop their own project within these general parameters.

A successful candidate should have an MSc degree in a related field, experience with GIS, remote sensing, or other ecosystem modeling techniques, and an ability to work independently and as part of a large team. Ability to read and speak French is a plus.

The successful applicant could be a PhD student in either Geography or Natural Resource Sciences at McGill University and would be co-supervised by Dr. Elena Bennett and Dr. Jeanine Rhemtulla. McGill University, located in Montreal, QC, is one of Canada’s top universities and boasts a large international student population.

Applicants should submit a CV, a statement of research interests, a copy of their transcripts, and the names and contact information for two references. Start date is targeted for Fall 2012. Please submit applications to: Jeanine Rhemtulla and Elena Bennett (jeanine dot rhemtulla at mcgill dot ca) and (elena dot bennett at mcgill dot ca)

Project Manager (Part Time)

We are seeking an organized, energetic, and enthusiastic project manager for a new project about biodiversity, connectivity, and ecosystem services in the settled landscapes of the greater Montreal region. The project involves a large team of professors and their students (~30 people total) working on both the fundamental and applied aspects of this research. Our project seeks to understand how past and future land use change will affect habitat connectivity, biodiversity, and the provision of multiple ecosystem services. Policy makers and managers often must make decisions with limited rigorous information about how to manage for sustainable landscapes. In order to improve the link between science and decision making our project includes actively engaged partners from local cities, counties, NGOs, as well as regional and provincial government. Our research will improve both the science and decision-making required to manage for sustainable and resilient landscapes.

Project management would include:

  • Managing the activities and people associated with the project and ensure that we are meeting project goals
  • Ensure communication across the researchers involved with the project
  • Management of GIS data central to the project, creation of geodatabases
  • Coordinating and tracking the project budget
  • Maintaining communication with our project partners
  • Identify opportunities for improving and enhancing the project

We seek a project manager who is self-motivated, extremely organized, and has experience running a major research project or managing a research team. Because the project manager would also have a role in managing geodatabases for the project, experience with GIS and geodatabase management is also important. A graduate degree (M.Sc. or PhD) in environmental sciences would be an advantage. The position will involve considerable communication with our local management partners, so the successful applicant must be bilingual (French/English).

We envision a part-time (up to 3 days/week) position with a salary of approximately $20,000 per annum.

Applicants should submit a CV, a statement of interests and experience, and contact information for three references. Start date is targeted for Fall 2011. Please submit applications by July 1, 2011 to: Elena Bennett (elena dot bennett at mcgill dot ca)

Job: Assistant Prof. in Systems Ecology @ Stockholm University

The Natural Resources Management group of the Department of  Systems Ecology at Stockholm University, which is closely connected to the Stockholm Resilience Centre is looking for an Assistant Professor.  Applications are due May 31,2011.  For full details see the job ad, which states:

Subject description: Natural resource management includes studies of the role of biodiversity in generation of ecosystem services, dynamics of social-ecological systems and institutions and governance related to management of ecosystems.

Main tasks: Research, and to some extent teaching and supervision.

Required qualifications: A person who has been awarded a PhD or a qualification from another country that is considered equivalent to a PhD is qualified for employment as an associate university lecturer. Preference is given to candidates awarded their degree no more than five years before the closing date for applications. Candidates awarded their degree more than five years previously are also given preference if special grounds apply, such as leave of absence because of illness, leave of absence for military service, leave for an elected position in a trade union or student organization, or parental leave or other similar circumstances.

The applicant must have the ability to collaborate as well as the competence and qualities needed to carry out the work tasks successfully.

Assessment criteria: Special weight will be given to scientific proficiency. Some weight will also be given to teaching proficiency.

When merits are similar according to the general criteria, the following should be considered as special merits:

• Experience of ecological research bordering to research in social science and economics.

Additional information: An associate university lecturer is employed for 4 years. The employment can be extended to 5 years maximum, if he or she has taught more than 25 % at the undergraduate level.

An associate university lecturer can apply for promotion to a tenured position as university lecturer. Assessment criteria for the evaluation can be obtained from the Faculty of Science.

The applicant is expected to contribute to strengthening collaboration among the research groups in natural resource management, marine ecology and marine ecotoxicology at the Department of Systems Ecology and with research groups at the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

Further information about the position can be obtained from professor Thomas Elmqvist, e-mail: thomase@ecology.su.se, telephone +46 (0)8 16 12 83 or the Head of Department Nils Kautsky, e-mail: nils@ecology.su.se, telephone +46 (0)8 16 42 51.

Job: Executive Director, Stockholm Environment Institute

Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), which is one of the partners in the Stockholm Resilience Centre, is looking for a new Executive Director to replace its outgoing head Johan Röckstom.  Their job ad states:

Are you interested in leading a global organization seeking solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s sustainable development challenges? We are now looking for a new Executive Director to lead the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI). Recently ranked as the 10th most influential environmental think-tank in the world, SEI is a world leading research institute with the mission to induce change towards sustainable development around the world by bridging science and policy in the field of environment and development.

SEI pursues its inter-disciplinary research, capacity development, outreach and policy support, across areas and scales ranging from global climate change policy to farm development in Africa. SEI is heavily engaged in global scientific assessments, and global policy processes on environment and development, such as the 2012 UN Earth Summit (Rio+20). SEI is proud of its highly qualified and dedicated staff, including 180 colleagues in 7 globally distributed research centres.

We invite candidates with a distinguished reputation in research on environment and development, who have broad understanding and engagement in global challenges of sustainable development. You are a leader, both in developing an institute and in providing intellectual direction, with the ability and dedication to raise an internationally recognized institute to an even higher level of accomplishment. You have extensive international experience and a strong management record.

This is a full-time position located at the SEI Headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. The appointment is made by the SEI Board for four years, with possible continuation for a further four years.


– a broad grasp of the principal global challenges of sustainable development and their relation to policy development over the coming decades;

– an ability to provide intellectual vision for the Institute’s work and to lead and develop staff into new research directions and policy domains;

– a distinguished reputation in research in the field of environment and development, particularly their systemic aspects;

– an extensive network of colleagues and contacts in the sustainable development field;

– a broad and diverse international experience, especially with developing countries;

– a willingness to travel widely to promote and extend the institute’s research programme and enhance its funding base and impact on global problems;

– management and organizational development experience;

– experience of strategic fund-raising;

– fluency in both spoken and written English.

UBC looking for Asst. or Assoc. Professor in Indigenous Forestry

Sarah Gergel writes to tell me that the excellent University of British Columbia, Faculty of Forestry is look for a Tenured or Tenure-Track Assistant or Associate Professor in Indigenous Forestry.  The job ad is not yet up online, but will be soon.

The Department of Forest Resources Management in the Faculty of Forestry at the University of British Columbia seeks a tenured or tenure-track Assistant or Associate Professor in indigenous forestry. Candidates must hold a Ph.D. or equivalent degree in a relevant discipline, including forestry or related environmental or social sciences. Research interests could include: Aboriginal governance and policy, adaptive collaborative management, economic development of indigenous communities, sustainable communities, or traditional ecological knowledge. The candidate should have demonstrated experience in collaborating with indigenous communities and the development of university-level courses or teaching programs in Aboriginal or community forestry.

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Two Asst. Professor Jobs at Stockholm Resilience Centre

Stockholm Resilience Centre at Stockholm University is looking for two tenure track assistant professors. The deadline is soon, 1 March 2001.

Associate Senior lecturer in environmental sciences, in particular ecosystem-based management of the Baltic Sea
The subject includes analysis of social-ecological systems that integrates ecology and management-related societal functions, including economy.

Main tasks are research and coordination of research on ecosystem based management within the research programme Baltic Ecosystem Adaptive Management (BEAM), and to some extent teaching and supervision.

Read more and apply here

Associate Senior Lecturer in Environmental Sciences with emphasis on modeling of social-ecological systems
The subject area involves modeling, analysis and simulation of social-ecological systems, thus integrating several different ecological and/or socioeconomic factors and issues, including resilience.

Main tasks are research, to some extent teaching and supervision, and manager of a modelling and visualisation lab.

Read more and apply here

Adaptive governance PhD and Postdoctoral positions @ UW Madison

One postdoctoral research and one PhD student position are available with Dr. Adena Rissman‘s research group in Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology, University of Wisconsin-Madison.  The job ad states:

The geographic setting for this project is the Yahara Watershed, an urbanizing agricultural watershed in southern Wisconsin, containing the city of Madison. Here and elsewhere, human needs for freshwater are growing as changes in climate, landscapes, the built environment and institutions alter water flows and quality in sometimes unpredictable ways. These changes affect ecosystem services related to freshwater, such as flows of freshwater for domestic, agricultural, industrial, recreational and other uses; regulation of floods; water quality; and aspects of human health. To strengthen conceptual frameworks and improve predictive capacity, our interdisciplinary project will integrate biophysical and social-economic aspects of regional water systems. The overarching question of our work is: How will ecosystem services related to freshwater vary and how can they be sustained in regional watersheds as climate, land use and land cover, land management, the built environment and human demands change? As a part of this overarching question, we ask: How can regional governance systems for water and land use be made more resilient and adaptive to meet diverse human needs? In what ways are regional human-environment systems resilient and in what ways are they vulnerable to potential changes in climate and freshwaters? These positions will focus on regional governance; adaptive management and decision making under uncertainty; spatial analysis and geovisualization; and the historical development of policy, politics, science and conservation interventions.

Applicants should have a prior degree in natural resources, geography, political science, planning, environmental policy, or related field. Previous research experience, social science background, and experience with coupled social and environmental systems are preferred. Experience with a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods are desired. Experience with ArcGIS, spatial analysis, and geovisualization desired but not required. Strong GPA, GRE scores, and oral and written communication skills are required. Applicants bringing diverse backgrounds and perspectives to the research program are encouraged to apply.

The PhD position will start Fall, 2011. Review of applications will begin December 20, 2010 and continue until an applicant is selected. Prospective PhD students should refer to the webpage for further information on applying to the UW-Madison.

The 2-year Postdoctoral Research position will begin in the Spring or Summer 2011. Review of applications will begin January 10, 2011 and continue until an applicant is selected.

To apply, email to arrissman@wisc.edu the following in a single PDF document: cover letter, CV with undergraduate/graduate GPA and GRE scores, and unofficial undergraduate/graduate transcripts.

Dr. Adena Rissman, Assistant Professor

Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Ecosystem services and finance job with Natural Capital Project

From WWF:

Natural Capital Project – Policy and Finance Specialist

World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the global conservation organization, seeks a talented colleague to help lead The Natural Capital Project’s efforts to develop innovative policy and finance approaches for mainstreaming ecosystem services. The Natural Capital Project (NatCap) – a partnership of World Wildlife Fund, Stanford University and The Nature Conservancy – develops tools to quantify ecosystem services and incorporate their value into decisions, and demonstrates these approaches in important, contrasting places around the world. (www.naturalcapitalproject.org ).

The successful candidate will: provide policy and finance technical expertise to NatCap partner sites; lead projects with major external policy institutions who are interested in deploying NatCap’s tools and approaches more widely; lead the development of policy tools that enable the effective integration of ecosystem services into decisions; help to refine and further develop NatCap’s policy and finance strategy; enable lesson sharing among users of NatCap’s tools and approaches, and help with other tasks as required, particularly in the areas of fund-raising, communications, partner coordination and publications. This position has an initial duration of two years, with the possibility of extension based on funding.

Basic requirements include: a Master’s degree or equivalent experience in public policy, international development, environmental/ecological economics, environmental management, law, business or related field. A minimum of two years additional experience working on relevant policy or finance issues in the public or private sector, preferably with significant international experience.  Experience with fundraising, project development and working with multiple partners. Excellent operational, communication and organizational skills. Must be able to work independently and as part of a decentralized, diverse team. Applicants must be available to travel.  Please submit a cover letter and resume by April 9, 2010.

AA/EOE Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.  To apply visit http://www.worldwildlife.org/who/careers/jobs.html, job # 10069