Tim Daw on ecosystem services tradeoffs

In the video below Tim Daw, from the University of East Anglia’s School of International Development and the Stockholm Resilience Centre, explains his project Participatory Modelling of Wellbeing Tradeoffs in Coastal Kenya. The project, in which I’m also participating, has examined tradeoffs between social wellbeing and ecological conservation in small scale fisheries in Kenya using […]

Ecosystem services and poverty alleviation

Ecosystem services for poverty alleviation (ESPA) is an exciting new research programme funded by a consortium of development and science agencies in the UK. I’m on ESPA’s international advisory board and they asked me for some thoughts on the ecosystem service science. Below is what I wrote: The concept of “Ecosystem services” is a powerful […]

Three new positions in ecosystem services research at McGill University

We’re looking to hire three new people to join our team working on the role of landscape structure and biodiversity in the provision of ecosystem services. The new positions include a postdoc to work on developing models of ecosystem services, a PhD position in historical ecosystem ecology,  and a (part time) project manager. We’re working […]

Two PhD positions on governance of ecosystem services in Southern and Eastern Afric

Two PhD positions at the Stockholm Resilience Centre.  Applications are due May 2nd.  The positons are with a project Governance of ecosystem services under scenarios of change in southern and eastern Africa, funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA).  To address the question  How may ecosystem assessments be best designed and applied for poverty […]

Incorporating Ecosystem Services in International Policy

Researchers from PBL in the Netherlands and IISD in Canada have a released a new report Prospects for Mainstreaming Ecosystem Goods and Services in International Policies, which can be downloaded from the PBL website PDF 2.1 MB.  The report argues that the incorporation of ecosystem services (which they call ecosystem goods and services)  into international […]

IPBES – a new assessment of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Five years after the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, the first assessment of the Earth’s ecosystem services, was released the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the Intergovernmental Science Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) has been proposed to carry out regular scientific assessments of the what science knows about biodiversity and ecosystem services. While there […]

Ecosystem services and finance job with Natural Capital Project

From WWF: Natural Capital Project – Policy and Finance Specialist World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the global conservation organization, seeks a talented colleague to help lead The Natural Capital Project’s efforts to develop innovative policy and finance approaches for mainstreaming ecosystem services. The Natural Capital Project (NatCap) – a partnership of World Wildlife Fund, Stanford University […]

Trends in Ecology and Ecosystem Services

In response to my recent post on the growth in research on Ecosystem Services, Mark Neff from the Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes at Arizona State University writes: You’re right that there has been significant growth in number of publications about ecosystem services, and that is a noteworthy trend. Although it does not directly […]

Growth of ecosystem services concept

Research addressing ecosystem services is rapidly increasing. The graph shows increases in the number of papers following publications of Daily’s Nature’s services in 1997 and the MA in 2005. Note: the graph is based on searching ISI web of science using the terms ecological or ecosystem service(s). It includes many papers that mention ecosystem services, […]