Career development, writing, and teaching resources for graduate students and post-docs

Spencer Hall at the Department of Biology at Indiana University has collected a good collection of  Resources for Graduate Students and Post-Docs that give advice on career development, writing, and teaching:

  1. Advice on being a graduate student and becoming a professional
  2. Grant writing
  3. Advice on getting a faculty job
  4. Advice on good writing
  5. Advice on giving good talks and posters
  6. Guides/thoughts on authorship and reviewing
  7. Teaching
  8. Other people’s webpages for graduate students

He writes:

These resources are meant to offer advice, but they should be considered as food for thought rather than a recipe for success. With that caveat in mind, I hope that you find these documents useful. If you find anything yourself which might be useful to others, please send it along and I will post it.

Again, you may not agree with all of the advice in these documents, or you may not find some articles helpful. Please view everyone’s advice with a healthy dose of skepticism

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