SEI looking for deputy director

Stockholm Environment Insitute (SEI) is looking for someone to fill a combined leadership position as Centre Director for the Stockholm Centre and Deputy Director Operations Stockholm Environment Institute.  SEI is one of the partners of the Stockholm Resilience Centre, so there is the potential for this person to do a lot of resilience research.  The application is due May 19th.

The job ad is below:

The Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) is an international research institute founded in 1989 by the Swedish Government on integrated research and knowledge generation for policy and decision support on sustainable development. It has research centres in Stockholm, Boston, York, Oxford, Tallinn, Bangkok and Dar-es-Salaam with about 180 staff. A significant part of SEI’s work is carried out in developing countries and the Institute applies an active diversity policy and operates in a global multicultural environment. The Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) invites applications for a full-time combined position as Centre Director for the Stockholm Centre and Deputy Director Operations for the Institute. The position is located at the SEI Headquarters in Stockholm.

Features and responsibilities of the position as
The Centre Director is responsible for the operations of the SEI Stockholm Centre, by providing strategic and intellectual leadership, carrying out and supporting fund raising, and ensuring the long-term operational and financial viability of the Stockholm Centre including general administration, management and development of Centre staff.

Works as a Senior Research Fellow who formulates, develops, leads, manages and implements one or more externally funded research programmes/projects.

Features and responsibilities of the position as The Deputy Director for operations:

  • Supports the ED on operational issues across the SEI organisation, related to institutional and centre developments and management related tasks
  • Supports the ED in strategic fund raising and external representation
  • Serves on the SEI Executive Team and as such is part of the overall leadership of the Institute.

In an international organization with six research centers around the world, the position requires an experienced and dedicated individual with passion for sustainable development and strong cross-cultural communication skills.

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