We’re number 2!

Line Gordon tells me that our recent paper with Elena Bennett was the second most downloaded article from Ecology Letters in December:

  1. Biodiversity in a complex world: consolidation and progress in functional biodiversity research
    Helmut Hillebrand and Birte Matthiessen
  2. Understanding relationships among multiple ecosystem services
    Elena M. Bennett, Garry D. Peterson and Line J. Gordon
  3. The rise of research on futures in ecology: rebalancing scenarios and predictions
    Audrey Coreau, Gilles Pinay, John D. Thompson, Pierre-Olivier Cheptou and Laurent Mermet
  4. A general framework for neutral models of community dynamics
    Omri Allouche and Ronen Kadmon
  5. Leaf hydraulic evolution led a surge in leaf photosynthetic capacity during early angiosperm diversification
    Tim J. Brodribb and Taylor S. Feild

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