Stockholm Whiteboard Seminars

Fredrik Moberg from Albaeco and Stockholm Resilience Centre has developed a new video seminar concept with Sturle Simonsen called the “Stockholm Whiteboard Seminars”. He says:

The idea is to get away from seminars loaded with lengthy and flashy PowerPoints and go back to basics. So, take the opportunity to get a short and close encounter with a top scientist in the field of sustainable development, who uses the whiteboard to explain an important concept or recent research insight just for you! So, what is this Whiteboard Seminar concept all about? The criteria we use are:

• The scientist has a maximum of 7 minutes to present
• The presentation must be done in an as easy, clear and convincing way possible
• It should be related to people’s everyday life or a current topic in media/politics
• The presentation should evolve around a simple model or a drawing
• The presenter is only allowed to use a black whiteboard pen

The first two videos in the series are below the break…

First one up in the series is Brian Walker, leading Australian ecologist and board member of Stockholm Resilience Centre (see video below). He explains what forest management, resilience theory and trauma surgery have in common.

The second seminar is held by Elinor Ostrom, also board member of Stockholm Resilience Centre and leading political scientist from Indiana University. She explains how real-world communities can manage common pool resources, such as fisheries, water and pastures, without suffering from the notorious environmental dilemma called the “tragedy of the commons”.

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