PhD Position at Stockholm Resilience Centre

Line Gordon and I are looking for a PhD student to be part of an international research project that will examine social-ecological resilience of Arctic ecosystems to changes in hydrological flows.

The PhD position is at Stockholm University (Sweden) in Physical Geography, but the student will be based at both Physical Geography and the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

The PhD student will develop a conceptual framework and empirical methods to investigate how globally driven hydrological changes could alter the social-ecological resilience of Arctic ecosystems. This research includes reviewing evidence for possible hydrologically triggered abrupt threshold changes or regime shifts in Arctic ecosystems, the synthesis of existing social, ecological and physical data to map social-ecological resilience in the Arctic, and the construction of minimal social-ecological models of Arctic regime shifts.

Qualifications: The successful candidate should be enthusiastic about conducting trans-disciplinary studies and is expected to have a background in physical geography and/or ecology and have substantial knowledge of global environmental change. Knowledge of resilience theory, hydrology, and the Arctic are desired. A good command of English is required and experience in geographical information systems (GIS). Experience in modeling, GIS, remote sensing, geostatistics and data fusion are merits.

This PhD project is part of a larger research project on Pan-Arctic ice-water-biogeochemical system responses and social-ecological resilience effects in a warming climate, which is coordinated from the Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology and involves collaborators from the Bert Bolin Centre for Climate Research and the Stockholm Resilience Centre at Stockholm University as well as international collaborators.

The proposed starting date is January 1, 2009 (although this can be negotiated).  Applications are due by Oct 31th, 2008.

The official job ad and details are here.

Furthermore, Stockholm University is particularly exciting places to work on resilience and water.  The Stockholm Resilience Centre hosts a world leading research group on social-ecological resilience, and Physical Geography and the Resilience Centre both contain world leading water researchers.  The student will be part of a small group of PhD students linked to this project and will have the opportunity to work with researchers from both groups.

This project will build upon previous work that Line Gordon and I have done on mapping hydrological flows, resilience and ecological regime shifts.  Some of our papers that this work will build on include:

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  2. Chapin et al.  2006.  Policy strategies to address sustainability of Alaskan boreal forests in response to a directionally changing climate.  Proceedings National Academy of Sciences, USA 103:16637–16643.
  3. Gordon L., et al. (2005) Human modification of global water vapor flows from the land surface. Proceedings National Academy of Sciences, USA 102: 7612-7617.
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4 thoughts on “PhD Position at Stockholm Resilience Centre”

  1. Dear Sir/Madam

    My name is Shokoufe Salimi. I have a MSc. degree in the field of watershed management majoring in river engineering from university of Mazandaran in the north of Iran. I finished my MSc program at 2008.1.8 , the title of my dissertation was : “evaluation of river restoration effects on flow hydraulics using HEC-RAS and GIS,case study Zaremrood river.Iran.”
    and now I am living in Umea with my husband, he is MSc student of SLU. Now I want to continue my education, and apply for your PHD position. also I have 3 published papers which two of them are published in persian and one in english at journal of applied science. Also I collaborated in two projects of Mazandaran University which were related to river engineering.



  2. Dear Shokoufe

    The instructions for applying are in the full ad linked to in the post. The qualifications we are looking for are mentioned in the ad and in the post. If you feel you are a good candidate I would encourage you to apply.

    All the best

  3. dear sir/madam
    my name is masomeh jamshidi.I’m ms student. I’m stading in the cource of Rural Development. the titele of my dissertation is “Investigation of the impacts of economic Globalization on employment and income distribution in Agricaltural sector in Iran”. I’ll finished my tethiz to 2 manth later. and now I want to continue my education, and apply for your PHD position.

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