Buzz Holling’s reflections video seminar

Holling Seminar SRC/SU - 2007Buzz Holling, recently gave a talk at the Stockholm Resilience Centre where he reflected on his career and how he has developing ideas in science and policy.

He discussed his early work on predation, his original 1973 resilience paper, adaptive management, the adaptive cycle, and Panarchy, as well as the insights, barriers, and opportu­nities that were part of his research process.

The Centre has put the talk online as a video seminar (Windows Media Player Time: 01:05:10).

One thought on “Buzz Holling’s reflections video seminar”

  1. I just wanted to say thank you – to the writers of this blog and people at the Centre – for putting this and other videos online. There would be no way for me to see them unless they were so freely available. This one in particular was very interesting to me. Sorry I have no conceptual or theoretical arguments about it to spark debate – I am only halfway through. But I had to say thank you.

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