Google Gapminder

Google is now hosting Gapminder development visualization software that allows the interactive visualization and animation of several world development statistics, showing world development trends over roughly the past thirty years (ranges vary among data sources) . Indicators include: CO2 emissions/capita, Child mortality, Fertility, Economic growth, Income/capita, Life expectancy, Military budget, Girl/Boys in School, Population, and Urbanization.

The site has a great interface that easily allows the data to be visualized as either maps or scatterplots, as change the display. On the scatterplots each point can be represented by a bubble that represents the population of the country or other indicators. This site allows a user to easily explore data showing some of the huge changes – in things such as urbanization, life expectancy and population – that have occurred over past decades.


Above is an example showing the relationship between per capita income and urbanization – showing the different trajectories of Nigeria, China and India. Many visualizations are possible. Here is a graph that shows the difference in life expectancy and child mortality between North and South Korea – with shading showing fertility, and another graph showing urban population vs. CO2 emissions per capita).

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