We can create a poverty-free world

Inspiring words from Muhammad Yunus, in his acceptance speech for the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize:

I believe that we can create a poverty-free world because poverty is not created by poor people. It has been created and sustained by the economic and social system that we have designed for ourselves; the institutions and concepts that make up that system; the policies that we pursue.

Poverty is created because we built our theoretical framework on assumptions which under-estimates human capacity, by designing concepts, which are too narrow (such as concept of business, credit- worthiness, entrepreneurship, employment) or developing institutions, which remain half-done (such as financial institutions, where poor are left out). Poverty is caused by the failure at the conceptual level, rather than any lack of capability on the part of people.

I firmly believe that we can create a poverty-free world if we collectively believe in it. In a poverty-free world, the only place you would be able to see poverty is in the poverty museums. When school children take a tour of the poverty museums, they would be horrified to see the misery and indignity that some human beings had to go through. They would blame their forefathers for tolerating this inhuman condition, which existed for so long, for so many people. A human being is born into this world fully equipped not only to take care of him or herself, but also to contribute to enlarging the well being of the world as a whole. Some get the chance to explore their potential to some degree, but many others never get any opportunity, during their lifetime, to unwrap the wonderful gift they were born with. They die unexplored and the world remains deprived of their creativity, and their contribution.

Grameen has given me an unshakeable faith in the creativity of human beings. This has led me to believe that human beings are not born to suffer the misery of hunger and poverty.

To me poor people are like bonsai trees. When you plant the best seed of the tallest tree in a flower-pot, you get a replica of the tallest tree, only inches tall. There is nothing wrong with the seed you planted, only the soil-base that is too inadequate. Poor people are bonsai people. There is nothing wrong in their seeds. Simply, society never gave them the base to grow on. All it needs to get the poor people out of poverty for us to create an enabling environment for them. Once the poor can unleash their energy and creativity, poverty will disappear very quickly.

Let us join hands to give every human being a fair chance to unleash their energy and creativity.

7 thoughts on “We can create a poverty-free world”

  1. Thanks for sharing!

    It is something we created, so it definately is something we can irradicate. The problem is does everyone believe that, or do they want to take action to do it?

  2. Respected sir,

    world economial poverty created by a man.
    ad a man can easiely olve the porblem if
    think will be rich


  4. Well said. There is nothing wrong with the seed, it’s the soil!

    But why was the seed in bad soil in the first place?

    Not everyone should have a seed. Only those who can give it good soil should have them.

    Require basic financial capability by law for parenthood!

  5. All of the leaders who were very close to creating the poverty free world that you speak of have been killed. Martin Luther King had organized one of the largest marches ever based on eliminating poverty. He had gathered all colors, religions, races and creeds who were willing to come together for the first time. He was gunned down. This let’s you know that poverty is created by those who control the world. Follow the money and you will see how poverty is created. A poverty free world would have to be created by fearless leaders. The leaders, and shadow leaders behind the curtains are driven by fear and soullessness. They will NEVER allow peace and abundance among all men to exist without bloodshed. The problem is those who want a poverty free world are also against the loss of life it would take to acquire it. This is why religion, guilt and the angel syndrome is poured upon many, because it keeps everyone in check while the evil rape the righteous.

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