Global Change in Swedish Media

Climate change and environmental issues have been in the headlines in Sweden over last few weeks. The evening press has “THE CLIMATE THREAT” on their billboards. It feels like some kind of ‘tipping point’ finally have been reached where interest in and consideration for these issues suddenly have taken a huge leap forwards into general discussion.


This increased interest coincides with the most costly documentary that Swedish Television have ever made – a series of four programs about Global Change called ‘The Planet‘. The documentaries interview several well known scientists in the field, including Will Steffen, Carl Folke, Gretchen Daily, Norman Meyers, and Carlos Nobre. It is possible to view the programs over the web (if you have a fast connection). There are Swedish subtitles, but the interviews are in English. And it is well photographed. Click on the links to see program 1, 2 and 3.

Along with the production the Swedish Science Council have together with Albaeco developed an interactive website (in Swedish). Even though I would have liked to see a more positive tone in the series (i.e. more focus on opportunities for change), the programs do provide a good overview of global environmental change.

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