Telling Stories About the Future

Last week, on March 10th, I gave a lecture at McGill on the Millenium Ecosystem Assessment, about my assessment and my participation in it. Prior to my talk I was interviewed by the McGill Reporter, McGill’s offical newspaper, which published an article on my talk.

The storyline we choose has yet to be written, but Peterson hopes that it will reflect the lessons of the Millennium Assessment. “Ecological decisions have both local and global impact,” he cautioned. “And all scenarios have associated benefits and risks.” Scenarios that are based on a proactive strategy, such as the technological strategy, tended to do well under changing environmental conditions, while more reactive strategies, such as the one told by the “global orchestration strategy,” can do better, but only under stable conditions.

The work of the Millenium Ecosystem Assessment will start to be released on March 30th.

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