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Resilience Interviews

inteviews: Fikret Berkes (left), Ann Kinzing and Will SteffenKaitlyn Rathwell and others from the Stockholm Resilience Centre interviewed twenty international resilience researcher, including Fikret Berkes, Ann Kinzing and Will Steffen, at Resilience 2008 about key social and ecological aspects of resilience. The interviews are now available online at the Resilience Centre’s website – Welcome to the Resilience school.

Susan Owens
Our knowledge of the global environment increases and governing institutions that works with the environment also changes, but do they match?

What is the most important factor for knowledge transfer between science and policy?

Neil Adger
How can we apply social sciences to the resilience concept?

Arild Underdal
What are multilevel governance systems?
Why use multilevel governance systems?

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Resilience Q&A

People from the Stockholm Resilience Centre and Albaeco interviewed biodiversity, resilience and social-ecological researchers to provide brief answers to a set of Resilience questions. The videos are available on the Centre’s website:

Why is biodiversity important?
Gretchen Daily, professor of biological sciences at Stanford University (USA), answers this topical question.

What is ecological anthropology?
Professor Steve Lansing from the University of Arizona explains the meaning behind ecological anthropology.

What do you think will be the future ‘environmental surprises´?
Will Steffen, professor of the Fenner School of Environment & Society, The Australian National University, answers this question.

What is a regime shift?
Professor Terry Hughes from the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies explains what is the meaning behind the term ‘Regime shifts’.

What is a complex systems approach?
Professor Steve Lansing from the University of Arizona explains the meaning behind the complex systems approach.

What is the key limiting factor for human development?
Professor Paul Ehrlich from the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the National Academy of Sciences, explains the key factors that affect human development.

What is a social-ecological system?
Professor Stephen Carpenter from Zoology Department, University of Winsonsin, explains the meaning behind the term social-ecological system.

Resilience 2008 conference schedule and web broadcast information

Hosted by Stockholm Resilience Centre, Resilience 2008 will take place in Stockholm between April 14-17 2008 and will involve some of the world´s most distinguished scientists and politicians who will discuss ecology, economy and society from a Resilience perspective.

Live web TV
Using advanced web television interface, more than 40 events over a four-day period will be covered live via the Stockholm Resilience Centre website. An additional 20 events will be filmed and later made available via the same website. Below is a complete list of all events that will be filmed and broadcast live.

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