Comparing Panarchy and Pace Layering

On the EcoTrust web magazine People and Place Howard Silverman compares Stewart Brand‘s concept of Pace Layering with Panarchy in Panarchy and Pace in the Big Back Loop: “The back loop is the time of the Long Now,” writes Resilience Alliance founder Buzz Holling. It is a time “when each of us must become aware […]

Whole Earth Catalog web archive

The entire 35-year archive of Whole Earth Catalogs, along with its Supplements, and descendant magazines – CoEvolution Quarterly, and Whole Earth are now available on the web.  The Whole Earth Catalog,was published in 1968 by Stewart Brand, it and its related  magazines embodied a certain type of Californian environmental thinking.  A key concept was systems […]

Paul Saffo: Forecasting must embrace uncertainty

Futurist Paul Saffo recently gave a talk “Embracing Uncertainty – the secret to effective forecasting” at the Long Now foundation. The talk (mp3) and Stewart Brand’s summary are online on the Long Now Foundation website. The talk is similar to his article in Harvard Business Review Six Rules for Effective Forecasting (see also Podcast interview). […]

Future of Scientific Methods

The website Edge, has Kevin Kelly‘s Speculations on the future of science based on a talk he gave to the Long Now Foundation. Stewart Brand, of the Foundation, introduces Kelly’s article: Recursion is the essence of science. For example, science papers cite other science papers, and that process of research pointing at itself invokes a […]