Ecological society of america statement on ecosystem services and decision making

Ecological Society of America’s new policy statement on ecosystem services  Ecological Impacts of Economic Activities proposes: To encourage decision makers to account for the environmental costs of growth, we propose the following four strategies: 1. Internalize externalities Environmental impacts and resource shortages caused by economic activities often affect people far removed in space and time […]

Nonlinearity produces management opportunites for ecosystem services

A new ecosystems service paper from Koch et al Non-linearity in ecosystem services: temporal and spatial variability in coastal protection has just come out in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. While the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment found that nonlinearity in the provision of ecosystem services was likely to be an important factor complicating ecosystem management, […]

Special Ecosystem Services Issue of Frontiers

A current special issue of Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment is dedicated to Ecosystem services.  The Ecological Society of America, publisher of Frontiers, also has a podcast on the special feature. From the ESA press release: “In this Special Issue of Frontiers, we have assembled pioneering examples of the quantification of ecosystem services and […]

Thinking about ecosystem services

On Faculty of 1000, Elena Bennett identifies an interesting new paper on ecosystem services – Defining and classifying ecosystem services for decision making by Brendan Fisher, RK Turner, and P Morling in Ecological Economics (2009 68:643-653: doi:10.1016/j.ecolecon.2008.09.014).  Elena writes: Building on the Millennium Assessment and other ecosystem services literature, the authors of this paper develop […]

USDA establishes office of ecosystem services

The USA’s Department of Agriculture is establishing an Office of Ecosystem Services and Markets.  The Ecological Society of America’s blog EcoTone writes: According to their press release, the office will help develop new guidelines and methods to assess ecosystem service benefits and create markets for ecosystem services.  The authorization for this office was approved in […]

How important are pollination ecosystem services?

Nature News reports on a paper by Aizen, Garibaldi, Cunningham & Klein in Current Biology (doi:10.1016/j.cub.2008.08.066) in an article Agriculture unaffected by pollinator declines Bees and many other insects may be in decline almost everywhere — but agriculture that depends on pollinators has been surprisingly unaffected at the global scale. That’s the conclusion of a […]

Decline in salmon causes decline in cultural ecosystem services

Agriculture increases the supply of food supplied by an ecosystem, but often decreases its ability to supply other services.  The same appears to be true for salmon aquaculture.  In the Toronto Globe and Mail, Vancouver journalist Mark Hume reports Declining salmon runs blamed for wilderness tourism slump: All along the B.C. Coast, wilderness tourism operators […]

Crop per Drop vs. Water for Ecosystem Services

Colin Chartres the International Water Management Institute‘s director general writes Invest in water for farming, or the world will go hungry.  In he writes: The world’s population is projected to grow from 6 billion to 8.5 billion by 2030 and unless we change the way we use water and increase water productivity — ie. […]

Can Payments to Farmers Expand Agricultural Production and the Supply of other Ecosystem Services

Agriculture are argueably is the human activity that has the largest impact on the world, impacting many ecosystem services. However, most farmers have minimal financial incentive to enhance ecosystem services other than crop yield. WRI Earthtrends reviews the evidence that Expanding Agriculture and Protecting Ecosystems: Can Payments to Farmers Accomplish Both? How can farmers be […]