Planet: global change website

Fredrik Moberg at Albaeco has set up an English version of the website for Swedish TV’s The Planet a series of four programs about Global Environmental Change. The website provides articles, animations, and videos to illustrate the processes involved in global environmenal change. It is in Flash – which is a bit annoying for linking […]

Great Transition Papers

Global Scenario Group developed a pioneering set of global environmental scenarios, which presented six global scenarios. There were three main scenario types, which each had two variants, producing: Conventional Worlds (Policy Reform and Market Forces), Barbarization (Fortress world and Breakdown), and Great Transitions (Eco-communalism and New sustainability paradigm). These scenarios have some similarities to the […]


In 2009, according to Google Analytics, Resilience Science had 140,000 visits (up 17% from last year), and 230,000 page views (up +30%) Roughly, 10% of visitors came directly 70% from search engines (almost entirely from google), and 20% from refering sites The main sources of  traffic was, other big sources provided less than 1/10th […]

Gates and Rockefeller Foundations to fund African Green Revolution

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation are launching a new program Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) designed to fund a new Green Revolution for Africa.  Seperately, but with similar goals, George Soros is donating $50 million to pay for fertilizers, seeds, classrooms in Jeffrey Sachs’ Millennium Promise project.The […]

WRI 2005: Environment key to helping poor

The World Resources Institute has just published its 2005 report The Wealth of the Poor: Managing ecosystems to fight poverty its available online as a pdf file. WRI describes the report in their press release: “Traditional assumptions about addressing poverty treat the environment almost as an afterthought,” said Jonathan Lash, president, World Resources Institute (WRI). […]

TechnoGarden : Finland?

The MA Scenario TechnoGarden is based on the emergence and spread of ecological property rights and technology. Pieces of this potential world are described in a Washington Post article about how the growth of green business in Finland is being stimulated EU policies. Finnish entrepreneurs are investing in eco-friendly businesses. Their most important salesmen may […]